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Chan-Harvest International Co.,Ltd. was formed in 2006.Today,Chan-Harvest Corporation is a leading manufacturer and stockist  of furniture components.We have our own or participating  factories in China, for  hardwares producing,  textiles producing, marble cutting  and electroplating .We have healthy stock holdings of over 2000 different lines across our warehouses.

Our Head Office is located in Foshan City of China,we are able to service all of the China through a combination of our own delivery vans and our courier partners,we also export our goods internationally to places like  Southeast Asia,Europe,America.

Our company mission is to be the China’s most trusted manufacturer and stockist of furniture components.We pride ourselves on being approachable,helpful and friendly.We want to keep business simple and are constantly looking at ways of becoming a better supplier.


Our range is vast so please take a look through our site where you will see:Pulls and knobs,wooden feet,metal legs,ornate castors,decorative studding,modular fixing solutions,mechanisms,swivel parts and much more.

We enjoy a challenge so please do not hesitate to get in touch.Perhaps you have a specific item you are struggling to source? Maybe you are looking for a more flexible delivery option? You may be looking to reduce your purchasing costs and find a more competitively priced product? You may be looking for a more reliable partner to work alongside? Please let us know how we can help and we will do our best to assist.



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